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Hm, yes. Cid Highwind from FF VII. Why I love him? Cuz of &%!$?§, that's for sure!

Well, the reason I really love Riku is the fact that she's a thief. I LOVE thieves. <3 My favourite character class at Baldur's Gate II: Take a thief - Take much money! XD

Yuna is the very definition of pure innocence when you meet her at Besaid Island the first time. I really love her in FFX - I love her whole change into a woman who walks her own way, far beneath Yevon and its teachings. She defeated [Sin] sacrificing her beloved Aeons and that's what takes a whole part of her away. In FFX-2 I don't really like her that much. In that game she has nothing left of the High Summoner she is now; she became a Sphere Hunter and member of the famous "Gullwings". But I give her my whole respect believing in Tidus remaining at Spira all the time and searching for him.

Larsa is the very best "I can have him in my group but can not controll him O_o" - character you get in Final Fantasy XII! He's pretty cool; I love how he wants to stop his maniacal brother destroying the world and make himself king about everything in Ivalice. Larsa fights his brother in every way that's possible until Wayne catch him. In the end Larsa is a king himself, and he reigns his realm well.

Ah, Rinoa and Squall. The first Final Fantasy couple that kissed in a video sequence! I nearly cried when Rinoa found Squall nearly dead in the wolrd that left after the death of Ultimecia. Well, both of them were HORRIBLE ANNOYING at begin of the game. But at the point they realize they love each other, they become RAWR!!! Yea both^^ I love them <3

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