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So long and thanks for all the fish ^_^

Well, I know I am lazy. Muahaha, laziness is teh sex!!!11eleventy

I am tired. And lonely. Wee. Sex is a real boredom killer, but I decide to change my attention to hobbies wich are, eh, not quite that dangerous.
You know. All that cryin' children everywhere; annoying their mothers with "Oh mummy, mummy, pleeeaaaaaase I want THAT! I WANT! NOW!!!"

I'm blue, dabedi dabedei... Oh. I lost the red thing. Pillow.

James: PILLOWS!!! *runs into a wall*
P-head: *sigh*

I am playing online games and hate myself for being lazy on writing.

...well, I am happy, guys =D

7.4.08 19:26

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