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Kiss me good-bye

I changed the name and the design of this blog.
I am satisfied with it I think.

I am sick instead and I had no chance yet to play a round Final Fantasy. Ugh.

But my brain created some kind of macabre story about Rasler and Ashe; I will call it "The reason I decided for war" and the whole plot is just, that Rasler hates himself for the marriage with Ashe and ran, with suicide thoughts, into battle; hopeful that he would be killed.
Heh, and we know - the succeded. I think that he was really able to dodge this arrow, but if I had the chioce for being married with Ashe and die in Baschs arms.... hey, I would choose Basch too!

Uh, I feel my English has become a little bit lame... sorry if there are any ugly mistakes.

And now, for all who read this microlife shit


30.3.08 16:00

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