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Yay, I made an update! :D

Anyway, I remember the whole "link the freakin button"-thing easier.
Instead he linked to pictures instead of the one I clicked -_- Ompf.

But there's no motivation left now to keep it up so I decide to go back to bed and sleep for a big while.

I am really sorry Lord Rasler died. Okay, I am sorry too he married such a stupid "I cannot spell now I have no mana!!!" - beech! Hay, the only positive thing about Ashe (remember, the beech) is that she changes during game. I hope she will not interfer with Vaan oo'''''' Or Basch ò.ó He's mine >o<

And I found a funny pic of him instead X3

LOL I said! LOL to Basch! LOL to GOD Basch :D
Here the original one:

No difference, huh? XD

[Note to myself: Why do fat kids (mostly girls) cosplay HIM??? Does he look too feminine? Too fat? He has hungered for years in a small cell beyond Rabanstre! Shame on you, fat kids! You are not worthy of this godlike 'Sometimes I show up a little stupid to get a single look from Princess Ashe' guy!]
29.3.08 12:05

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