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I'm back :D

Oh my god.
It's a cruel thing how long I didn't post here
I am so sorry folks! *whine*

Some things in my life have changed since my last entry. I am glad they did. In a very... idiotic way I am.

I got separated from my boyfriend. He moved away and we never saw each other again. Now he has a new girlfriend and I felt... jealous about that. I wanted to be the only one for him, but that's not that easy. People change. Feelings change. Everyone is changing.

Except from me. I dunno why. I feel like I didn't change. Many people say I did. But I don't feel like I did.

Now I am cheating life like it cheated me. I live my life the way I want to. No one has to give me orders what to do with my life. I am free. Free to do what I ever wanted.

I like two wonderful and cute men. They both care for me and I am really glad every time I see them.
But I don't want to have a relationship again.
Not at the moment. It's stupid, I know. But I can't. Not now.

So, well, I did finish Silent Hill Homecoming last night. It is A VERY FUCKING GENIOUS GAME!!! AND I LOVE ALEX! *_* He's the cutest protagonist ever! I liked James a lot but Alex is a hottie. A young hottie. James was... lol. (lol, James!) He was weird. But Funny. (PILLOOOOOOOOOOOOOWS!!!)
And I dunno. Alex is a young, serious guy in his best years; caring for his little brother a lot and fighting that fuckin bastards who want to kill him and his friends and family.
About the whole thing with Elle: I really think they are in love. Totally. On the boat to Silent Hill - this one sentence ("At least one thing here turned into something beautiful" is the proof. That and the fact Elle is hugging him whenever he's around her. LOOOOVE! <3
So well, I reached the crappiest end So I have to play again (OMFG TEH TErROR!!!11) to get a better ending in charge (I don't believe I will get a better lol)... weeeeeee.

Well. I dunno what to write else so I'll stop at this point.

6.3.09 18:30

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