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I'm back :D

Oh my god.
It's a cruel thing how long I didn't post here
I am so sorry folks! *whine*

Some things in my life have changed since my last entry. I am glad they did. In a very... idiotic way I am.

I got separated from my boyfriend. He moved away and we never saw each other again. Now he has a new girlfriend and I felt... jealous about that. I wanted to be the only one for him, but that's not that easy. People change. Feelings change. Everyone is changing.

Except from me. I dunno why. I feel like I didn't change. Many people say I did. But I don't feel like I did.

Now I am cheating life like it cheated me. I live my life the way I want to. No one has to give me orders what to do with my life. I am free. Free to do what I ever wanted.

I like two wonderful and cute men. They both care for me and I am really glad every time I see them.
But I don't want to have a relationship again.
Not at the moment. It's stupid, I know. But I can't. Not now.

So, well, I did finish Silent Hill Homecoming last night. It is A VERY FUCKING GENIOUS GAME!!! AND I LOVE ALEX! *_* He's the cutest protagonist ever! I liked James a lot but Alex is a hottie. A young hottie. James was... lol. (lol, James!) He was weird. But Funny. (PILLOOOOOOOOOOOOOWS!!!)
And I dunno. Alex is a young, serious guy in his best years; caring for his little brother a lot and fighting that fuckin bastards who want to kill him and his friends and family.
About the whole thing with Elle: I really think they are in love. Totally. On the boat to Silent Hill - this one sentence ("At least one thing here turned into something beautiful" is the proof. That and the fact Elle is hugging him whenever he's around her. LOOOOVE! <3
So well, I reached the crappiest end So I have to play again (OMFG TEH TErROR!!!11) to get a better ending in charge (I don't believe I will get a better lol)... weeeeeee.

Well. I dunno what to write else so I'll stop at this point.

6.3.09 18:30

Simple and Clean~ <3

Well, I am really, really sorry about being such a lazy being, but finally I made it - I uploaded some pics! :-)))

More will follow, so be patient. Descriptions I will do as good as I can.


25.7.08 01:58

I want to ride my bicycle...

It's a few days since I posted something here.
Strange, huh? I never thought I could be THAT lazy again.
... ~whistle...

I have spent much time in finding out if my family is my real family.
Sometimes I am quite too normal for these freaks.
And sometimes I really love them. Yes, they are my family. But I really think I would be better without them. Maybe. Who knows?

I found out Final Fantasy XII is a complicated game. Huh.
I am still in the "super dooper whoaaaaa amazing!!" city Ginuvegan. Or Giruvegan? I don't know. I am so annoyed.

.....................huh. I will try again now. If that doesn't work, I want to get my money back. Hmpf.

[Für meinen lieben Gästebuchkommentator:

Hallo ^_^
Du fragtest, warum ich meinen Blog in furchtbar beschissenem Englisch halte? Nun, damit ich nicht vollkommen einroste. Außerdem macht es Spaß irgendwie. Man kann im englischen Dinge ausdrücken, die kein deutescher Satz auszudrücken vermag. "You guys are fucking with the wrong guy at the wrong fucking time!" Versuch das mal ins deutsche zu quetschen! Un-believe-able!

Aber danke für den Kommi Hat mich echt gefreut!]

15.4.08 22:37

So long and thanks for all the fish ^_^

Well, I know I am lazy. Muahaha, laziness is teh sex!!!11eleventy

I am tired. And lonely. Wee. Sex is a real boredom killer, but I decide to change my attention to hobbies wich are, eh, not quite that dangerous.
You know. All that cryin' children everywhere; annoying their mothers with "Oh mummy, mummy, pleeeaaaaaase I want THAT! I WANT! NOW!!!"

I'm blue, dabedi dabedei... Oh. I lost the red thing. Pillow.

James: PILLOWS!!! *runs into a wall*
P-head: *sigh*

I am playing online games and hate myself for being lazy on writing.

...well, I am happy, guys =D

7.4.08 19:26


Fuck it, I killed all Links of the Fanlistings. I will put them in again if I have some time over for.

I have to go to work again today. Yoo-hoo. The euphoria is everywhere!

Now I'm off.
Does anyone read this shit?
I hope not. Haha. *headshot*

[Angela Aki - Kiss me goodbye]
(FF XII Soundtrack)
1.4.08 12:01

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