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I want to ride my bicycle...

It's a few days since I posted something here.
Strange, huh? I never thought I could be THAT lazy again.
... ~whistle...

I have spent much time in finding out if my family is my real family.
Sometimes I am quite too normal for these freaks.
And sometimes I really love them. Yes, they are my family. But I really think I would be better without them. Maybe. Who knows?

I found out Final Fantasy XII is a complicated game. Huh.
I am still in the "super dooper whoaaaaa amazing!!" city Ginuvegan. Or Giruvegan? I don't know. I am so annoyed.

.....................huh. I will try again now. If that doesn't work, I want to get my money back. Hmpf.

[Für meinen lieben Gästebuchkommentator:

Hallo ^_^
Du fragtest, warum ich meinen Blog in furchtbar beschissenem Englisch halte? Nun, damit ich nicht vollkommen einroste. Außerdem macht es Spaß irgendwie. Man kann im englischen Dinge ausdrücken, die kein deutescher Satz auszudrücken vermag. "You guys are fucking with the wrong guy at the wrong fucking time!" Versuch das mal ins deutsche zu quetschen! Un-believe-able!

Aber danke für den Kommi Hat mich echt gefreut!]

15.4.08 22:37

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